On Saturday, I had been told that there was a Auction going on not far from my home, so I decided to go take a “look see” at just what was there.  After finding a parking place, which was tough to do, I started walking around just to see and hear what a Auction is all about.  Above is one of the Auctioneers pointing to baby lambs to be auctioned off.  These people have their own language in selling off what is for sale.  They talk so fast that I just can’t understand them, except for knowing a few words they’ve said.  Guess you must be around them alot more often to take in what is said so fast.  The cute little lambs were selling at $30.00 for one animal.  That was the last bid I heard.


There are quite a number of Amish people that live in my area, so it seem’d that alot of them were here to see what could be bought.  Here are just some of the Horse & Buggy’s that they travel in.  Some have their Horse’s covered to keep them warm with a blue blanket.


Some of the Buggy’s even have padded seats!


2 day’s before this Auction, it had rained pretty hard for awhile.  This plus the snow melt from milder temperatures, made everything a muddy mess!  I shot this Image to show you just how over-cast it was.  The weather was not good, again!  It was cold & windy.  Notice the long lines of cars parked on the side of the road to the right and in the back ground.  Way in the back is where I had to park my car & walk in the slop for about a 1/4 mile.  I should have worn Mud boots for this!



Just 2 day’s ago the weather was so very nice & warm, I went out looking for something to Post about in my Blog, since I’m running low on subjects.  About 2 Posts back I had made a Post about a new small Train Station that will be built just off to the right of this Image.  Since I had shot the Steam Engine (which is still there) I went “snooping around” to see what I could find below where I was.

I came across these old tracks that have not been used in many, many years.  These tracks were ones that led into the old Outer Station (which is now gone) and then to the Reading Terminal that is still there, but not being used for anything right now.  There is talk around that it will soon be used as a train stop on it’s way to Philadelphia, like it was so long ago.  I wanted to shoot the tracks from a different perspective, instead of the same ole thing all the time.


Here’s a Image in B&W looking down the tracks from the opposite direction.  I have no idea why these empty coal cars are here on a side track, but they make a good background.  Notce the piles of stone under the Coal cars.  You can tell by this that something is going to happen here.  The Railroad is trying to get the area looking better.


Here’s another look at what’s here.  More old tracks & ties that have been here for a long time.  Notice the train light is Red.  Don’t know why.  Nothing travels these tracks that I know of.  The Bridge above is rusting away.  It, too, has been here for many years.

I have been using a new Photo Editing Software called Lightroom 6.  A bit testy in price, but it does a outstanding job for your Post processing.  I can add a whole lot of “presets” that save me allot of time editing.  In the not to distant future, I’m going into the City and shoot the old Train Station in HD.



Yesterday, I went up to my ole’ hometown of Hamburg, PA to walk around a bit and look for some photography things to shoot.  I remembered my ole’ Elementary School which still stands after all these years have passed.  Now, it’s the Borough Hall of Hamburg.

I walked up those steps, that I have done many times when I was just a young boy, and took a trip back in time.  There are no more classrooms here, anymore.  Just walls and office space that were never there before.  The grass area to the right was once part of the macadam play area where marbles, and hopscotch were once played.  The tree is much younger than the one there before.  It was much bigger back then.

I walked those steps and remembered having my class picture taken at that exact spot when I was in 3rd or 4th Grade.  It’s also where I broke my front tooth and had to go thru a nightmare at the Dentist’s Office to have it repaired.  The Ghosts of children, such as I was, are long gone.  Only those who remember.

img001This is the only picture of me when I went to school here.  I don’t remember when it was taken.  I was such a cute little boy.  What happened?



Last week I was browsing thru Images on Google+ that have been posted by people from all over the world.  I happen to come across Images that were posted by a Lady named Peep.  She had pictures of what the ruts look like from the Pioneers that crossed over on the Oregon Trail more than 100 yrs. ago. on their way West to start a new Life.  The above Image is not mine, so I can not take credit for it.  I got it off one of the Trail web-sites that shows the Wagon Ruts that are left over from the hundreds/thousands of wagons that passed this way.

I viewed some of her shots and became quite interested in what the Oregon Trail was all about.  I then started to view some of the Web sites that are all about it and what the early Pioneers of that time had to endure crossing the States in the Western Frontier.  It came to the point that I even ordered a book about the Trail, which you can see below.



I haven’t started to read this book as of yet, but I’ll get there.  What I would just love to do is take a trip out to Nebraska and see these places for myself, but I don’t think that will ever happen.  It would be nice.  It would be great to actually stand on the old Wagon Trail’s that are still visible in the ground from the hundreds of wagons that traveled West so long ago.  I can only imagine what these early Pioneers had to endure thru their journey West.  They took what they could in their wagons.  No running water, except for what could be found on the trail, not much food to eat, the weather, and who knows how much more.  They were truly people that had to endure for the vision they had of a better Life.

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