This is St. Stanislaus Kosca Catholic Church located in New Minersville, PA.  This Church was build a bit over 200 yrs. ago by the Polish Immigrants who settled in this area.  It has had this name for many years before the Churches in the area decided to consolidate into one.  Now, it is named St. Matthews Catholic Church.  Everything has remained the same, except the name.  A number of years ago, I had the privilege of being able to see the inside of this beautiful church.  I see that not much has changed.  It’s still one pretty Church to see.


Here is a closer shot of the Alter.  The 2 people shown are a young couple that my Wife knows.  I have no idea who they are.  The Alter is carved from Marble and the Statues are all hand made and painted.  My Wife tells me that under the Alter where the Sacraments are kept are all made of Gold.


Here is the Manger Scene that is put in the one corner of the Church.  If I offend someone by posting this Image, I don’t really care.  Each figure is hand made and painted!

Since my Wife was born and raised in New Minersville she lived just down the street from this Church.  She attended Services here for just about 20 yrs.

If you all can remember, I have made a number of Posts about the Coal Region Area that is not far from here.  There are many different Churchs & Religions that exist from one Coal Town to another.  This is because the Immigrants people that settled around here to work in the Coal Mines, brought their Religion with them.  Most of them are Catholic, but there are others such as German, Polish, French, Lutheran, and Lithuanian.  In just one Town there can be as many as 5 different Churches.

Notice that there is no “watermark” on the Images.  This is because I did not take these pictures, so I can’t claim them as mine.




A few day’s before Christmas Eve this year, I started thinking about going to my ole’ Church for their Christmas Eve Candle Light Service.  I decided to go.

This is the same Church that I was Confirmed in back in the early 60’s.  I apologize for the Image quality.  Was taken with my Phone.  The ole’ Church has under gone some changes since my Sunday’s here every morning, but it is still pretty much the same.

The Pews have changed.  A few of them have been removed to give people in wheel-chairs a place to be farther forward than before.  The Chapel now has a screen hanging down with the Service Hymns words so people can sing along.  You can also read the Scriptures on the screen as the Pastor reads them.  In the back, behind me and out of the Image, is the new over-flow area that now has soft plush chairs for our Senior members.  It has gotten bigger than years ago.  There are also new Table Lamps along side the chairs for the congregation to read along.  And with all that, the Church has gotten much bigger with new Sunday School Rooms, and Social Quarters.  It has grown much over the passing years.

I have many memories of this Lutheran Church.  Being a teen-age back then, I had to attend every Church Service on each Sunday until I was a confirmed member of the Congregation.  There was no air-conditioning then.  An open window was for air during the Summer when it was hot.  Now, the whole Church has air.  There are now padded seats that I never had before.  The Candle Light Service, with all the lighted candles, makes the Chapel take on a new look.  It’s pretty when all the electric lights are turned off, to leave nothing but candle light to see and sing.  I will return here, again.

Happy Holidays!




This Image is one of my favorite shots that I took with my Pentax K10d Camera using the 18-55mm Pentax Lens.  The star-light highlights were done using my PXPX7 Program and not with a Star lite filter, because I don’t have one.  Guess that I should order one for shots such as these.

Happy Holidays





Since my last post on the Christmas Lights that are here around my area, some of you might be wondering how I got these shot’s of the Christmas Village that is near-by where I live.

To be honest, it was not all that hard to do.  However, I did make a few mistakes and found out that I can’t do some of what I wanted.  Knowing what the Village is from yrs. of seeing it, I knew pretty much how it was set up.  You can enter the display’s and walk around as much as you want.  I thought to get some great shot’s, I would just walk down one of the lanes to the end, turn, set up the camera, compose the shot, and press the shutter.  Well, not quite.  Going to the end of the lane to set up the camera had too many other people in the way.  They don’t care what your trying to do.  So, I decided to go back out and walk all the way around the back side of the Lake.  This way I had no one bother me and no one to walk in front of the camera lens.  Worked for me!


This is one of my 1st shot’s.  Here I wanted to capture the reflection of the lights off the lake, but try and keep the Image a bit suttle.  I also wanted the night sky to show the glow from the lights below.  I set my Nikon D7000 camera to ISO 800, using my Tripod and remote shutter release.  For night shot’s like this, you don’t want any camera shake at all.  However, when using a higher ISO speed, you get more “noise” that what you would using a slower speed, i.e. ISO 200.  The Image didn’t quite come out as clear as I had wanted, but it’s not bad.  Taking these Images got a bit chilly out there in the empty field.  The cold from the Lake started creeping into my ole’ bones.  Plus, my feet started to get cold, not to mention my hands.  The Images don’t show the cold, but it was chilly.  Temp. was about 39 degrees F.


For this one, I just turned my Nikon to my immediate left, re-focused the lens using the same shutter & ISO speed.  My Nikon Remote Shutter works real nice for shot’s like this.  Just point the Remote at the camera and press the button, hoping you have everything set right.  Another setting that I used was the AP Mode that is located on the left side of my camera.  AP (Apature Prioty) Mode is where your camera automatically figures out what shutter opening to have for the existing light.  You can also use Manual Mode where you set the camera for what settings you think are right.  Both Modes are kinda fun.

Now, don’t get me wrong here.  I don’t know a whole lot about photography.  All I know is what I read and watch on Tut’s that explain how to do it.  I don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on photography course’s that get expensive.  I read, go out and give it a try, see what happens.  If I do good, I’ve learned something.  If I screw up, I try and find out what I did wrong, then try again.  Sometimes it can be frustrating!

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Around this time of the year, many of the Homes that are in my area, take on a new look with the many different colored lights that are placed in or around their homes.  Some of them are very simple.  Some are quite extravert.  It depends on what you want to do or how far you want to take the decoration.  I’d like to show you just how simple or extravert it get get.


Takes time to do all of this.


This one is quite extreme.  Their electric bill is going to be bad!


Now this home is decorated simple.  Just a few lights.  Not overly done, but yet it’s noticeable.