Yesterday morning it dawned rather humid.  The weather forecasters were calling for Severe Storms in the afternoon.  I didn’t pay much attention, and just too it as another “cry wolf” as has happened before.  This time I was wrong!

Around 4:45 pm my Phone Alert went off telling me that I severe storm was heading our way.  Humm .  .  .  now this made me take a look.  Went outside and saw dark clouds coming in from the West, as they always do when bad weather is coming.  Oh Crap!  This does not look good at all!  On top of that the phone alert came on again saying that we were under a Tornado Warning!  Not good!  When ever I hear this, it will concern me.

I went outside, because I have a habit of liking to watch Storms as they come rolling thru.  The wind started picking up and I could hear Thunder in the distance.  The sky got much darker and then a blast of heavy wind came in almost knocking me off my feet.  It was getting very windy with some slight rain.  I’m watching the sky and listening for a “freight train” sound and hoping I don’t see a funnel cloud.  Thank goodness I didn’t.  No Tornado, but it did blow rather hard and had some heavy rain.  It lasted about 10 min. and then slowed down, with the wind diminishing.  I’m always concerned with heavy wind, because of the large Pin Oak Tree out in the front yard.  This Storm was one of the heavy hitters!  No damage to the house.  Just alot of leaves and twigs to pick up after.

I’ve been in some heavy weather during my time in the US Navy.  I’ve been in and seen heavy wind at sea and a Typhoon!  That one scared me.  The ship was heaving up & down, side to side with waves crashing over the 02 Level.



Hello there everyone!  Having a good time?  Hope you are all well.

Thought that I’d do some places that I remember so well during my Childhood day’s in Hamburg, PA.  The above Image is one of the Hamburg Park that I used to spend so very much time in.  It has changed somewhat over the passing years, and I think the change has made it a bit better.

Back when I was 8-10 yrs. young, my Mother had to work during the day, so she would drop me off here and was told to “Stay here until I come to get you”.  I did what I was told to do or suffer the wrath of my angry Mother.  The plastic play set you see in the foreground was not there at the time.  It was just a big empty grass space.  The was no covered open Patio on the extreme left.  However, the larger building to the right of it was there as long as I can remember.  This place had crafts to make for us kids most every day.  There was always something there to do.

Off to the right corner of my Image used to be a large sandbox that had a roof over it.  There also was a very tall sliding board that we had to climb up a long ladder to get up to the top.  It was so much fun to slide down that thing.  We would “wax” the sliding surface with wax paper to make us slide faster!  It’s now gone, but for what reason I don’t know.  Maybe because too many got hurt because it was a big one!  The sandbox is long gone and I think it was because all the “critters” would poop or pee in the sand.  Didn’t bother me!  I didn’t care.

The Swimming Pool has changed a bit also.  There are no longer a “High Dive or Low Dive” that we could run down and dive into the water on the deep end of the pool.  I think that this was taken away because of Insurance reasons.  I used to spend many, many sunny warm days here.  So much that I would get a Sun burn most every Summer.  At the very top corner of the Image used to be a small “Children’s Pool” that I learned to swim in.  It, too, is long gone.

I more than realize that the Image above does not mean that much to you, but to me, my “minds eye” can still picture what was once there and all the great times I had.



Hello there to my Followers.  Hope everyone is doing well.

During these long Winter months, I spend some of my time doing coloring with Glitter Pens.  I happen to notice these Pens on Amazon that would color, but with an added extra to them.  They color with a bit of Glitter to them.

I’ve been looking all over the Internet for Coloring pages that you can down-load for free, print them out, and use them to color with.  There is so, so much out there!  I tend to go for pages that are Nautical, Flowers, Owls, or something else that may get my attention.  It is said that doing coloring is very relaxing to do, but not sure of that so far.  I ordered a pack of these Pens that have over 100 different colors to use.  All you have to have is a knowledge of color and what color goes with what.  Or you can just color what looks nice to you.  I like bright colors!

The above page is an anchor that I’m coloring right now.  It takes time to do this, but I work on it here and there.  No hurry if you want it to be right.

So, if you need something fun to do, give this a try.  Sorry, the Image is a bit blurry.



For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to replace my old, aging, spotting scope that I’ve had for a long time.  It has long been not very good anymore.  The Lens & Optics are very blurred and it just does not want to focus well anymore.  It was a second hand scope that I bought years ago.  I’m saying that it has gone to better day’s.  It is no longer of use to me.

I’ve been looking around for a good one that has good, clear optics and a large viewing Lens.  I found out that Spotting Scopes have changed over the years.  They can get very expensive depending on what you buy.  I didn’t want a real expensive one, but not a cheap one either.  There are Scopes on the market for over $2000.00!  Don’t need something that expensive.  Most of the time you will get what you pay for.

So, after snooping around for a few day’s, I decided on this Gorski 20x80x80.  It has a primary Lens of 80mm, a Lens cover front and back, waterproof, and coated optics for clear viewing.  Has a Lens shade up front to shadow the sun if it’s too bright.  You can also install a Filter, but I don’t think I’ll go that far for now.

It came with a Tripod Stand that is kinda cheap looking and does not seem to be too durable.  It also has a attachment you can put on the back viewing eyepiece to install your Cell Phone and take a picture with it!  Have not tried it out yet.

For now, I’m going to get some use out of this as soon as the weather get’s much better and warmer.  I’m pretty sure that this will last for a long time.



Going to give this “Cellpix Sunday” thing a try.  I will Post 1 image that I took with my Cell Phone every Sunday, if I remember!  Here is my 1st Entry.  Taken in our 1st Port of Call in the Bahamas aboard the Carnival Ship Pride.  Sorry about the spots.



Hello there to all my Followers.  This Post is going to be different than what I usually Post about.  Would like to tell you more about what goes on here sometimes.  This is about Miley.  She is a Pug/Jack Russel Terrier Mix.  She belongs to my Wife’s Son, Galen.  When he goes away for a few day’s on a trip, we get to watch over Miley.  She is such a great doggie to have around.

When Miley was much younger, she was a heck of a playfull dog.  She just loved to chase a ball of most any kind.  Would chase after the ball, and bring it back to you wanting more!  She really would wear herself out, but always came back again, and again.  She wanted to chase after squirrels in the yard, but I think they were way to fast for her.  I’m sure she’d try!  Miley is a very loving doggie.  She loved to play a “Tussle Game” where she pulls on one end of a toy, and you pull on the other.  She is quite strong for a medium size doggie.  She has sharp teeth, and can destroy a toy in minutes!  She has never, ever snapped at anyone.  If she is annoyed by something, she will just growl a bit and walk away.  You got to know when she does not want to be bothered.  Loves to be petted and have her back scratched.  She also can do things that you just have to laugh at.

Miley was a “rescued dog” from the SPCA here in Reading.  Galen got her at a younger age, and has had Miley ever since then.  Miley was so full of energy that it was hard to keep up with her.  We were told that Jack Russel Terriers are like that.  They don’t sit around much.  Are always ready for a run anywhere.

Now, age is slowly catching up with her.  She’s about 13 yrs. old now.  She also has another problem.  She is now totally blind and can’t see a thing.  Allot of money was spent on her to save her sight, but it just could not be saved.  She slowly lost her sight over time.

But, even though Miley is blind she still get’s around quite well.  I think that her nose & ears have taken over for her sight.  She smells everything and smells where she goes.  This way she can tell where she has been.  She also know’s our scent.  She follows along with us most all the time.  She still bumps into allot of stuff, but get’s to know what it was after a short time.  She can still play “fetch”, but must smell the ball first.  Throw the ball close by, and she will find it!

We enjoy having her around.  When she is taken out to “do her business” she smells her scent from before and knows where to go.

When Miley is gone, she will be sadly missed by everyone.  Her memory will last for a long, long time.  I know, that I will be one of them.