This past week-end Eileen & I took a trip to Morgantown, West Virginia to see her Grandaughter graduate from West Virginia State University.  WVS is a huge University and is spread out over a big area in Morgantown.  Morgantown is a Collage City.  It is very “hilly” cause it’s located in the hills of WV, but very nice.  Lot’s of places to eat, drink, and shop.  The above Image is of just some of the hills of WV on our way in the rain.  That’s what we had to put up with all week-end.  Rain, Rain, and more rain.  It got to be annoying at times.  It would stop, then start raining again.  We were putting up with it.


On Saturday there was not much to do, so Eileens Grandaughter showed us the Coopers Rock Overlook.  Here is the walk-way to the overlook with it dripping rain.


Looking down in the valley of pretty country.  I’ve been to WV before, but in a different area.  WV is a beautiful State with all the Mountains.  Have always liked the State.


A Image of the 2 Grandmothers with Lexie and her Sister Hannah.  Lexie is the one that Graduated Suma Cum Loud.  Eileen is on the left.  I forgot what the “rope” means that is hanging on Lexie.  I do know it’s a award for something she did good in.


Graduation Cermoney in the WVS Collisum.  They all sang John Denvers song “Country Roads.”


The stupid rain stopped just long enough for me to shoot this Image in her gown with Hannah.




About a 4 hr. drive from here is the Historic Town of Gettysburg, PA where one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War took place on July 1 – 3, 1863.  The Town still remains much as it did back in the day’s of the big fight between the Northern & Southern Armies.  Despite the modernization of the old town there are many buildings still standing from that time in History.  There is much to see there from Touring the Battlefield to walking around the Town and observe the many Historic area’s.  You don’t really have enough time in one day to see everything.  I’ve been to Gettysburg 3 times, so far and still don’t tire of it.

One of the things you can experience is a “Ghost Walk”.  A Guide will take you around the Town and tell you what used to be there and what happened in that area where modern building’s now sit, where once there was nothing but a open field.  She tells you of what buildings/area’s are haunted and why.  What she has to say was very interesting to hear.  Just one of them is where the old Jail is.  The lights in the windows go off and on for no reason.  Other places where ghostly sightings and sounds are heard for unknown reasons.  The walking Tour last’s for about a hour and a half.  I enjoyed every minute of it.


While walking along with our Guide she happen to point out this house that was in Confederate hands during the Battle.  It is now a private residence.  She told us of the History behind this house and while doing so I turned and snapped a photo of it with my Olympus D-460 DSR camera.  Sorry about the clarity of it, but it’s only a 1.3 Megapixal camera.

Now, I took the camera home and down-loaded the photo.  In reviewing the photo I noticed “spots” on the Image that were not there when I took it.  I looked again, and again, but still could not justify the “spots.” The only light there was the one on the front porch and on the very end on the right side.  Decided to e-mail this exact photo to the people who ran the Tours and asked them just what those “spots” were. 

They replied to me that what I have here is “energy” that is in the shape of a “spot” left over from the Civil War!! They asked if they could have the photo, with my permission.  I almost find that hard to believe.  However, Digital Camera’s are known to see what the human eye can not.  They have caught “ghosts” in the image many times that have been documented.  Did I capture something from the past?  I don’t really know for sure.  What do you think?  You be the judge.

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7th ave.jpg

Here is NYC on 7th Ave.


Here is the same Image, but in full color.  Can’t decide which is better.

When we visited NYC last year we decided to take a bus tour that would take us all over the City to see the important sights.  Sitting on top of the open-air bus we could see most everything.  It was a nice view, but it did have some disadvantages.  One thing we had to watch for is low over-hanging branches from trees, like you see coming.  Just had to duck your head at times.  This Image was taken from on top of the bus using my Pentax K100D.

We spent the whole day in NYC.  Traveling on the bus tour took up most of the time.  NYC has always been a fast paced City that never seems to sleep or slow down.  It’s always alive with people from all over the world.  Lot’s of people!  City Taxi’s, fire trucks, ambulances, cop cars on patrol, and bicycle message runners dart in and out of traffic everywhere.  Broadway & Times Square are even worse!  You can get yourself run over by a taxi real easy.

There is so much to see and take in while here.  Ellis Island where all the immigrants came in long ago is a huge museum pretty much as it was yrs. ago.  See where John Lennon was shot, the American History Museum, City Park, and much much more.  This is one City that I could never drive in.  So much traffic and the way people drive is nuts!  With the Holidays approaching NYC will be all decked out in lights for all to see.




Just maybe, your getting tired of the Fair posts, so this will be my last one.

As I had mentioned before on a previous Post about the Fair, another one of the favorites here is the great good that is all hand made.  Here I’m showing just one of the 5 different lines that extend way back behind the Image.  French Fries is very popular along with Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Steak Sandwiches, Ice Cream & Funnel Cakes.  Fair goers stand in lines so long just to get some of this food.


This is just a sample of the thousands of people coming here to eat.  Crowds like this tend to get to me after awhile.  Gotta get away from them all.


Something else the Fair can do is wear you out!  Here one of the workers in a kitchen takes a break.  She is just plain beat!  A rather strange way to take a snooze.


Prize winning Goat.





Most of the farm animals are pigs, goats, cattle, steers, and different types of cows.  They are entered for judgment and may win a prize or Blue Ribbon.  Here is Momma Pig and her 2 piglets.  The other 7 are out of the image!

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For the past 50 yrs. and more the Oley Valley has been putting on a Fair for all to come and have some fun, walk around to see the many displays, eat the great food, and enjoy the many things the Fair has to offer.  I can remember going here since I was in HS and it has always been great to be here.  Lot’s and lot’s of Fair goers come here for the 3 day event.  The Fairgrounds is just full of people that come here from miles around the area.  They have rides for the kids and all kinds of different displays from Farm machinery to lawn mowers.  Just about all you could want to see at a County Fair.  Here, above, people are dancing to the hit sounds of a very good 50’s & 60’s band that plays every night, along with other bands that come in.


Here I wanted to capture the lights above one of the kids rides with the Moon in the background.

Tea Cup.jpg

Here is another shot of another colorful light display.  I think this ride is called the Tea Party.  Very similar to the one you see at Disney.


Since there are really thousands of people that come here, the Police have one heck of a job controlling the cars that are looking for a place to park.  Behind me is a huge field where the cars are told to park.  It also will cost you $5.00 to park your car.  All the money goes to the Fair to pay bills, with some profit left over.  The Cop here was looking right at my lens, so I pressed the shutter.  Here he say’s “STOP.”  He does a job that I could never do.  People will run you over if you don’t pay attention.  The White door in the background goes into my old High School.  It’s still there after all these years.  Brings memories for me.

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Where has everyone gone?  This was taken on July 5th, the day after a Holiday.  There is a huge change in the beaches from before.  Not too many beach goes here anymore.  Most people have gone home and hope to return at a later time.  It seems kinda funny, that something so full just a day before, is so empty now.  Beaches have been cleaned of trash by the Delaware Park Service.  That’s what the tracks are from.  Otherwise, no cars, trucks, 4-wheel drive or other is allowed on the beach.


No fish today!  Rinsing off his 2 surf rods after a few hours of Surf Fishing.  He told me he did not even get a nibble.  So it goes.  Some day’s you win  .  .  .  some day’s you loose.  I have a Surf Rod and Reel, but never use it.  Surf Rods are about 12 ft. long and they take practice throwing the hook, line, and sinker way out there in the Surf where the fish are.  I have 6 different Rod & Reels that are never used.  Maybe I should try my luck?

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Up and ready!


Here is little Ceila.  We call here “Cee Cee”.  She just loves to play the game.  Eye on the ball.


Strike one!


I made it to 1st base!  Opposing team member not happy!


Run, Cee, Run for Home!


Look at what I got!  See my new Trophy?  and of course, some ice cream for everyone.

I got a charge out of watching these little ones play the game.  They play with everything they got.  It’s kinda funny to watch them.  The game of baseball is fun for them.  They love it.  The rules of the game are bent a bit for them, but it does not matter.  They’ll be back next year.

All of these images were shot with my Pentax K10D DSLR with a Tamron 80-300mm Lens.

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