I’m aware that I have not Posted much of anything lately, but it’s Winter time here, and I don’t get out that much for something to Post.  I’m sure you understand.  About 2 day’s ago, the weather was not all that cold, so I decided to go back to my old school and see what it looks like on the inside.

Above is the old Oley High School that I was enrolled in starting with the 7th Grade, and ending in my 9th Grade because of moving from one school district to another.  It has not changed that much in all those years that have passed by.  It’s still much the same as it was when I was here.  The outside is still structure sound.  The bricks have kept their color for so long.  The door’s in the back were open, so I went inside.  There was a nice Lady there and I asked her if I could Tour the old building which I remember so well.  She told me that I’d have to have to be “Escorted” around the school!  Was not happy about this, but I agreed and waited.  Another Lady came in and said she would take me around the inside of the school.  With camera in hand, off we went.  While walking around and down these hallowed halls, I asked her if the Haunting’s of this school were true.  She told me “Yes, they are very true.”  “I know personally of this.”


This is a view looking down the front of the building where I used to enter for Classes back in the early 60’s.


This is the very front of the school.  The 2 doors on each end is where I entered.  The double doors in the front under the 3 windows lead right into the Gym.  The other windows are for Classrooms and Hallways.


I have been hearing from other people that I know, that this old school is haunted by 2 spirits from the past.  One of the Spirits is a Librarian who was killed in a plane crash back in the late 60’s, and the other Spirit is from the Janitor that seem’d never to leave here. Strange noises are heard here, footsteps in this hallway, and voices from no-ware are here.  The Lady told me that she personally was in the room down the hall on the right when she heard someone talking in the Hall.  Thinking someone was here, she stepped out and took a look.  No one here!


A view of the down-stairs hallway where lights turn off and on for no reason.  Their is no electric here.  Everything electric has been disconnected.


This is what used to be the Gym with the Stage in the background.  That’s not a cross at the top of the stage.  It’s the only original basketball hoop left over.  The Gym floor has been torn up, and those Red walls were never there in my time.  It has now become a storage area for old documents from long ago.  High School Dances were held here on a Saturday night, basketball games, and also served as the Cafeteria in my day.  Voices and footsteps are heard here many times.  No one here at the time.


This Image is one that I’m not sure of, but it’s what I was told.  My Escort told me that this room was totally empty 5 day’s ago. Nothing was in here!  She came down here 3 day’s ago, and found this sitting here!  She had never seen anything like this!  No one put this here that she knows of.  Who did this?

It was interesting for me to see my old school once more. In the near future the school will be torn down to make way for a nice Park of some sort, but the History of it will be remembered.  All those rumors I heard about were true!

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For the 1st time in more than 40 yrs. I decided to take a drive into Fleetwood to see my old High School and how much it has changed in the many passing years.  In going inside, I found that there have been quite a number of changes since my learning years here.  My old HS is no longer a school, but a Administration Building that has a number of different services for the town, but still it has that old smell that I remember well.  The floors have changed, the lockers that were on the wall are gone and replaced by just a solid empty panel that you see in the foreground.  The floor has been carpeted, something that we never had.  It was just a plain linoleum floor that didn’t have much color.  The over-head lighting has been modernized to give the hallway a much brighter look.  I also see emergency spotlights that were not there before.  This Image is looking down towards the Cafeteria where the double doors are at the end. 


Looking back up the same hallway is more of where our Lockers used to be, but now just a plain empty colored space.  In my minds eye, I can see all of us teenagers in the Hallway after the class bell rang to change class’s.  Opening Lockers to grab books that were needed for the next class.  Ghost’s from the past are here.


This was taken looking down the second floor hallway to the stairway at the very end.  My “Homeroom” was the door on the right.  It’s where I went everyday to start my day at school.  Notice the radiator’s on the left side?  That’s how the school was heated during the Winter months.  There was no fancy Heat Pump System back then.  The floor was the same as down on the first floor, but now carpeted.  There also was no air-conditioning at all.  That didn’t exist back then.  When it got warm during the early Spring months, the only air we had was open all the windows.  It did get a bit warm, at times.  Here, also, I see ghosts of day’s gone by.  Us teenagers filled the halls that are now empty.

There have been other changes, also.  Now, the younger generation has a brand new High School, much bigger than what we had.  A new Gym, Soccer field, and for the first time a Football Team that we didn’t have.  The new school even has a darn swimming pool!  Can you believe that?  With all the modern conveniences that the younger generation has, compared to what we had, they are still complaining!  Maybe they should try out what we didn’t have.


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The area that I lived in and around is just full of back country roads that traverse in and around the country side.  There are times that I just get into the car and drive roads that I’ve never been on just to see what’s there or just over the next hill.  A good portion of the back roads I know cause I’ve been on them before.  However, here and there I take a turn just to find out where I end up or what I’ll see or notice.  This was one of them

This is the Zion Moselem Church.  Located in a small hollow just off the road I was driving, I happen to notice this quaint little church that I had no idea was there.


Again, just across the road was this old 1-room School House almost like the one I Posted about before, but not in as good condition.  I have no idea on the History of this school or the name of it.  All I know is that it’s part of our education in rural Pennsylvania.  I found out that the 1-room School House’s started to disappear from the country side because of Elementary School consolidation.  It seem’d that there were just too many little schools around the area, so they wanted all the kids to start going to 1 school.  Little places like this are all that remain.


1-ROOM SCHOOL HOUSES are something from the past years.  Not many are to be found anymore.  Usually these little 1-room schools were manned by 1 teacher with about 20 kids to teach the 3 R’s.  Places like this had no running water.  Water had to be hand carried in for hygiene.  Heat in the Winter was usually a Pot Bellied Wood Stove that had to have it’s wood for burning brought in by hand and stored along a wall.  No electric existed then.  Going to the bathroom during the Winter months into a Outhouse always presented a challenge.  The black board or chalk board is still present in some that are left over.  No such thing as a White Board then. School books were handed down from one generation to another.

Nikon D7000 with a Nikkor 18-200mm Lens

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