I had taken this Image last year when it had snowed so bad.  I’m pretty sure that I have posted this before, but not sure.  The problem I have is that I never really know what I post about or not.  I think that I might have made Posts here about the same thing, but have a problem remembering.

Anyway, I took this Image from my archives because I wanted to give it more of a Soft look that I can do with my Editing Software.  When I took this shot, it was quite cold, but no wind.  Just kinda bitter cold if you know how that is.  My feet were warm in the snow, but I still had that age old problem of keeping my fingers and hands warm.

I’m not sure if I got this right or not.  It looks like the Image below, but not quite.


This is not my Image, so I can take no credit for shooting this.  However, this is what I’m trying to do.  Give my Images more of a soft, but sharp look to them.  Any help would be appreciated if you know how to do this.  Thanks in advance.