Where has everyone gone?  This was taken on July 5th, the day after a Holiday.  There is a huge change in the beaches from before.  Not too many beach goes here anymore.  Most people have gone home and hope to return at a later time.  It seems kinda funny, that something so full just a day before, is so empty now.  Beaches have been cleaned of trash by the Delaware Park Service.  That’s what the tracks are from.  Otherwise, no cars, trucks, 4-wheel drive or other is allowed on the beach.


No fish today!  Rinsing off his 2 surf rods after a few hours of Surf Fishing.  He told me he did not even get a nibble.  So it goes.  Some day’s you win  .  .  .  some day’s you loose.  I have a Surf Rod and Reel, but never use it.  Surf Rods are about 12 ft. long and they take practice throwing the hook, line, and sinker way out there in the Surf where the fish are.  I have 6 different Rod & Reels that are never used.  Maybe I should try my luck?

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Passing to Port

Being in the US Navy for 11 yrs., I had to learn Nautical terms.  Passing to Port means that you are going to pass another ship/boat off their left side.  Port in Nautical terms means “left side”  Starboard means “right side.”


Using my Paint Shop Pro X7 Photo program, I finialy figured out how to enlarge a Image to get closer to the subject.  Not hard to do once I got it right.  Now, I know.  It’s much better!


Gone fishin’  Steady as she goes. 

The term “Steady As She Goes” is a Nautical phrase for straight ahead and steady up on the nearest heading.

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Here I shot a Image of the beach at Bethany.  This was taken on the morning of the 4th of July to show just how crowded it get’s on a Holiday.  It was just plain nut’s!  Beach goers are crowding almost every space they can find.  On a beautiful warm sunny day everyone wants to hit the beach for some sun & fun, and this is just one of the 3 or 4 different beaches in the area.

All of the beaches on this day were crowded.  There was no getting away from all the people.  The boardwalk is full, shops and stores were filled with shoppers wanting to buy what they were interested in.  The beach merchants are hoping for day’s like this, so they can make some money to keep their business running.  No beer or alcoholic beverages are allowed here.  However, that does not stop them from people bringing it in with coolers.  A good portion of beach goers abide by this rule, but there are some that don’t care.  It’s a free beach.  You don’t have to pay a fee to sit or swim for this one, where some beaches will charge you $10.00 or more.  This is not including the charge to park your car!  With all these people, there are not many parking spaces left over.  Sometimes you have to drive around for awhile before finding a space.

The Hotel’s around here are expensive to stay in for a week.  You can expect to pay more than $200.00 for one night here!  Down in Ocean City it is lot’s more, depending on where you stay!  Hotel’s require a minimum of 2 nights or more.  Families staying in the area can spend more than $1000.00 for a weeks stay.  That’s not including the money spent on food, gas, and souvenirs for those who want to buy.  Most beach lovers save for day’s like this all year long.  The Hotel’s all hope to get filled, also.  A whole lot of money flows thru this area during the Summer months.

However, not for me.  Since I only live about a 3 hr. drive from the beach area’s I can drive down here, spend the day doing what I want, and drive back home.  I can do some photography, play some golf, sightsee, do some fishing, and then head home.  Guess that I’m lucky!

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Another one of the things in Life that I love, is Color.  I never really enjoyed anything that is a drab and not colorful.

Well, while down in the State of Delaware over the 4th of July week-end I decided to go snoop around in some of the many, many stores that have sneakers for sale.  I wanted something colorful that I had seen before, but were just too darn expensive for me.

I happen to find out that Reebok was having a Sale on most everything in the store.  Great!  Let’s go take a look.  After putting up with horrendous traffic and crowds of people I found these in the Reebok store.  Buy 1 pair, get 1 pair free!  Good enough for me.  Let’s do it.  Buy 1 pair at $49.95!

These shoes are very comfortable to wear and I just love the colors.

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The Indian River Bridge spans the Indian River Inlet in the State of Delaware, USA


This is the Bridge from an Ariel view.  This is not my photo.  It also shows the inlet to the Indian River Bay with the Delaware State Park on the left and right.


This is the Bridge all lit up at night.  I was told by a fellow photographer that I should take a trip over to the Bridge and shoot it at night.  I had no idea that it did this.  So, I packed up my photo gear and went over here.  This was the first time I tried some night shots using my Nikon D7000.  It came out pretty good, despite my first try.  The Red & Green lights in the center of the span show which area the boats should come in the Inlet.  Green is the center of the Inlet.


For this shot, it took me 4 different try’s to get it just about right.  I’m told that I don’t have my settings quite right, but I’ll keep trying as time goes by.


Here’s another shot of the Span.


FACTS –  The original name for the Indian River Bridge was the Charles W. Cullen Bridge.  It is a Cable-Stayed Bridge and is 2600 ft. long.  It is 107.66 ft. wide and has a 960 ft. Span.  It has a 45 ft. over-head clearance.  It was built at a cost of $120 million in 2012.  There were also 4 other Bridges before this one.