Fall Colors are getting much better.  Soon, they will be gone.


Here is that same Lantern that I mentioned before, but now with a White Candle inside.  There was one thing that I didn’t think of when I made this, and that was the heat coming out the top.  It’s hung on a 7/8th Dowell Pin.  The heat just may ignite the wood.  Not good.  Going to try a battery powered candle and see if that does as good.  Hope so.

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When I’m trying to learn & do something out of a book, I usually lay the book here next to my Laptop and read what it tells me to do and then try and do it on the computer.  Well, I got tired of leaning over to read, so I went back into my little machine shop and built this “sorta” display rack that I can lay the book on.  It’s on a 30 degree angle, so it makes for much easier reading.


This is what it does.  Makes for easier reading.  It’s nothing fancy.  Just some ole’ wood I had laying around.  Glued a few pieces together to make this in about 15 min.  The Adobe book is the one I’m using now to learn!  There is so very much to it.  I’ll be using this book for a long time.




Besides enjoying doing photography and visiting Historic places around my area, I do enjoy building small projects out in my wood shop just for the fun of doing it.

Since I am a retired Machinist and have worked in the trade for over 22 yrs. I still have working knowledge of how to use woodworking/plastic/steel machinery.  Building things like this is somewhat like working in the Machinist Trade, but not anywhere near as precise.

To make this, I just used my imagination, some wood that I have around the shop, a drill press, a table saw, a chop saw, and a Scroll Saw.  The wheels I did not machine.  They were ordered from a Internet site which can supply most of what you’d want.

It takes time to build this.  Measuring and cutting the wood pieces as precise as you can takes some patience that I don’t have a whole lot of.  I worked on this for about 2 weeks to get it like you see here.  I have to give it a paint job to make it look more real, instead of just plain wood.


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