As I had stated before, most of my Blog is about History around my area or fairly close by that I have visited over time, but here and there I do post about what I think.

I have been watching and checking out the many, many Blog’s that are out there to read about.  A number of them are very good, and I tend to follow those.  There are others that don’t really interest me, but I read them anyway.  There are blogs here that are from people all over the world.  However, there is some that I just don’t see.

What I’m looking for is Blog’s that are all about someone’s Life in Russia.  I’ve never seen any.  Why?  Is it that they can’t do a Blog from Russia?  For some reason, I can’t believe that. I’m sure that the technology exists for them over there.

There is a reason for this.  I’ve always wanted to know what Life is like over there.  We here in the good ole’ USA nearly went into World War III years ago when the Cuban Missile Crisis was going on in 1962.  I was only a teenager when all that was happening, but I remember it.  I really did not know what it was all about, until later on in my Life, but I remember my Mother telling me that we are about to start WWIII!  If WWIII would have started, the whole world would have lost.  Everything would have been gone!  There would have been no winner.  Thank goodness it never happened.  I think that it was not the Russian people that wanted War, it was just the darn gov’t’s that did.  Each one thinking that they would win.  Wrong!  A Atomic War between the 2 Super Powers would have solved nothing!

So, if any of you know, someone who is from Russia, let me know.  I sure would like to read about their Life over there.

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I have been trying to do something different these past few day’s and that is taking Images of Crystal and Glass.

I have found that it’s not quite as easy as you might think.  Using my Nikon D7000 and a make-shift Light Box that I made out of some heavy cardboard, cut out the sides and top to make room for lighting, it seems to work very well.  It’s not as good as purchasing a real Light Box with lights, but I’ll use this before I spend money on one of those.

The trick of shooting Crystal is the lighting and how it’s placed and your camera settings.  I’m not all that good at it yet, but I’ll keep trying.  I have read and watched some video’s on YouTube, and they do describe how to do it, but the trouble is trying to remember all of what is said.  Backlighting is another useful thing for it.  Since I don’t have all that fancy kind of lighting, I use what I have around the house.  It’s something to do to keep me thinking.

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Here is a up-dated picture of what I look like that was taken by a long time friend of mine at the Church I belong to, but don’t attend all that much.  Usually, I don’t take very good pictures of myself.  Guess that I’m not very photogenic.

Anyway, I thought that I’d write a Post on doing this Blog that I had started a few months ago.  As you have seen, I enjoy Historic places and walking around with my DSLR camera to photograph what ever will interest me and someone else out there.

In writing on my Blog here, I have found that when I go to make a Post about one thing or another, I have trouble on just what to say.  I know what I want to say, but have a bit of trouble putting it into words that I can type on the screen, so my followers can get a good idea of what I am saying.  Why it’s like that I don’t know.  It’s just something in me that I can’t seem to rid myself of.  I have to think about what to say, and how to say it.

Even when I Post a Image of some Historic place I was at, I have to look at the Image I Posted and try to describe what I saw, what the camera see’s, and some history behind it.  Sometimes the words just flow out of me, and other times not.  However, in time, I think that I will get better in doing this, I hope!

Thank you




Today was such a beautiful day, I decided to take my Nikon and go for a walk at one of the favorite area’s that I like to go to.  There is always something different when you take the time to see in a different perspective.

The Bridge above is no longer used anymore for travel.  It’s been deemed unsafe for use.  This area is used very hard for fishing at all times of the year.  No one here at the time, so I wanted to shoot looking at a subject in a different manner.  It’s always a learning process.


For this one I just took a few steps to the right and shot this looking down the old Bridge span.  Tone mapping added by Photomix.


Here I tried to capture the sunlight coming thru the trees, but messed it up.  Guess that I didn’t point the camera at the right angle.  There is one thing about this area that I have noticed over time.  I hardly ever see any deer, even though they are here.  I just never see them.  I do walk around quiet and try not to be noisy.  I’ve learned that from my years of hunting, that I don’t do anymore.  The Yellow sign on the left states that this is a Propagation area.  No entry is allowed.  If you are caught walking beyond the signs, a nice healthy fine will be given to you by the Game Warden.  I make a habit not to enter!

Hope you all are having a great Holiday Season.




Taken last year over at the Ontellione Reservoir, one of my favorite area’s to take my camera and walk around a bit.  It was when it had snowed more than 6 inches of the white stuff.  Its quiet here.  No sound but your footsteps and the crunching of the snow under your feet.

Happy Holidays to all