A close up view!

Every Spring at our local Watershed, the Snow Goose arrives by the thousands.  The Watershed is one of their stop-off’s to rest and feed before heading out on their way. They will be here this year any time now.  I plan to go see them again when they arrive.  It’s a awesome site to see.

The sky is just filled with Snow Geese!

Here I took a shot of the Snow Geese all taking to the air at one time.  The sound of them “talking” and the sound of all those wings in the air is a sight to behold.  This photo was taken at the Middle Creek Wildlife Refuge.

Pentax K100D DSLR with a 28-210mm Telephoto Lens

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Last year, in January, when we had so much snow, wind, and cold, I thought that I’d brave the cold windy weather and check out a favorite spot to see what it looks like in the grip of Old Man Winter.  By the time I walked to this spot, I was about frozen.  The temp. was about 17 degrees with a light wind blowing.  The water here is not deep.  Maybe a foot or so.  Usually there are some ducks around, but not this time.  Too cold I would imagine.  I set up my camera, shot this Image, and walked quickly back to a warm car.  When it’s cold, the biggest problem I have is keeping my fingers and feet warm.  For some reason, I can’t wear any glove that will keep my hands warm. I have not found any type of glove that works, yet!  My feet are not too bad, as long as I have thick socks and boots to wear, which I do have.

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Yesterday, while out there walking around, I decided to go check on another area that is just behind the Dam where I was before.  Found that not much was going on here.  Just the same as it was the last time I was here.  The stream is coming from a marsh land that is just off to the left of this photo.  It has nice, fresh, clear, cold water and empties into the Dam.  Again, I have never seen any deer here.  Some ducks and geese, but hardly anything else.  Maybe I should come here at a different time of the day.  Just behind this Image is a 2 lane back country road that is used a fair amount.  The traffic might be what is causing no much wildlife to come around.  Out of the picture is a sign that say’s “No Fishing.”  Guess not.  Never saw any fish in the stream anyway.

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