IMGP2612About a half hour drive from my home, is the area known as Lancaster County.  This area is known for the Amish & Mennonite people that live here.  Many of them live on farms that dot the landscape of the area.  It is also known for the great food and produce that is grown here by the Amish & Mennonite people.  If you remember seeing the movie “Witness” starring Harrison Ford, this is the area that the movie was made.  There are a few different towns located here that have some “different” names.  Such as, Intercourse, Bird In Hand, and Lancaster.  This is a heavy tourist area during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months.  Tourist’s come here to see the horse and buggy, tour the attractions that are offered, and enjoy the open farm lands.  Another thing that people purchase here is one of the hand made Quilts that can cost over $100.00 to $1000.00 depending on which one you like.  These quilts take a whole lot of time to make.  This is where the name “sewing bee” came from.  A bunch of Ladies get together and make one of these Quilts.  Each Lady does a specific part of the quilt.


The above Image shows a team of Mules that have been hitched to a Cultivator to gather Soybeans from the field.  There are not many farmers in the area that use tractors.  Most of the farm work is done by horse or mule.  The animals are well taken care of.

IMGP2607At one of the more popular Tourist places, people can take a ride on a horse drawn wagon that is pulled around the area for a short distance.  They seem to get a huge enjoyment doing this, but why I don’t really know.  Guess that some tourists have never ridden in a horse drawn wagon.  To me, it’s no big deal.  I’ve seen this 20 times.

IMGP2623 This is what the Tourists come to see.  A real Amish Horse & Buggy.  These buggy’s are very common to see on the major roads traveling back and forth from one place to another.  On the major roads they have the right of way, even though they can hold up lines of traffic. You are allowed to pass them, but only when it’s safe.  Most of the time these buggy’s travel on the side of the road, so traffic can get by.  At night they must have a visual means of being seen, such as shown above.  Not many have lights.  Now, there is a difference between the Amish buggy’s and the Mennonite buggy’s, but I can’t remember.  I think it’s that one has a much more square roof and the other has more rounded.  Not sure.


Here is another view of the famous Horse & Buggy.

Below is the Hotel that Harrison Ford made that phone call to his partner in Philadelphia in the Movie, Witness.





Doing some practice on getting the “silky” effect with water flow.  Not too bad.

Grings Mill.1

This is the Grings Mill & Recreation Area that I frequent quite often with my camera.  I shot this in B&W and added a bit of HDR.  Looks like it snowed.  The Pond in the foreground used to be a holding area for Canal barges back in the early 1800’s.


One of the buildings that belong to the Pennhurst State School & Hospital, that is now long abandoned and just left to crumble away into History.  This area has a reputation of being very haunted by the patients that were once housed here.  Pennhurst was once a Mental Hospital with 12 other buildings on the grounds and were all connected by under-ground tunnels.  It was also featured on a documentary by Ghost Adventures in which they filmed and recorded a bunch of un-explained noises and sightings.  I did not go into this area, because of Private Property signs posted everywhere. Venture in here, and you don’t know what’s going to happen!

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I was checking out some of the Images that I had taken this Summer and came across this one that is of the same Bridge, but from a different location.  I think that it’s one of my better Images.

As you can see, if you look close, this area is fished very heavy.  Since I don’t fish anymore, I just sort of walk around and find something different to shoot.  I have found that the area does get a bit of trash laying around from fishermen who come here.  You can always find something laying around that should not be there.  Trash is one of the biggest problems, even though there are trash bins located around the area.  Why people can’t get up and throw what is not wanted into what is provided, is way beyond me.  I hate seeing stuff laying around a Natural area for wildlife.  Empty worm containers, soda cans, beer cans, cigarette butts, and nylon fishing line are common.  Just pick up your crap and put it where it should be!  Keep the area clean and leave nothing behind but your footsteps.